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Blackstone Academy is an exciting initiative to enhance provisions of Islamic learning to meet the growing needs and challenges of the 21st Century. We seek to develop and deliver a broad and balanced curriculum that is academically challenging, rooted in tradition yet wholly congruent and in sync with the modern world. In a deeply material world, we aim to nurture the spiritual and moral elements of our consciousness that gives meaning to life and clarity amidst the clouds of confusion.


The Alimiyyah Programme is essentially an in depth study of the shariah covering the various Islamic sciences concerned. The sciences concerned are many and span across various different disciplines, which makes the programme a unique one.


The Islamiyyat programme is a foundational course that covers all the essential aspects of Islam that are mandatory for every Muslim (male and female) to know.


The Quran is like no other book. It is the eternal, everlasting, and uncreated word of Allah. It is the final dispensation of celestial guidance to earthly beings residing in a temporal world.

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